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All in One precision farming platform, harnessing data from the soil to the sky and generating actionable insights to help farmers reduce costs and increase crop yield

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From the soil to the sky, we gather data that makes a real difference

You reap the rewards

Our precision farming is exactly what you need, here’s why

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Better yield improvement, lower input costs. Farm(x) monitors and models more crop characteristics than any other solution.


irrigation & fertigation precision

more precisely meet the water and fertilizer needs of your crop. Avoid yield loss through crop stress, save water and pumping costs.



Optimizing irrigation leads to healthier crops, less pest pressure, greater yields, and better quality product.


water usage

Save $50 - $200 per acre by optimizing root zone efficiency, monitoring water distribution, and tracking the effectiveness of irrigation schedules.


power usage

choose irrigation and fertigation schedules that reduce pumping and/or optimize time-of-day pumping. 



Be alerted when problems are small and easier to address. Stop driving through the rows by using our directed scouting to pinpoint potential field issues.

manage your farm with conefia

precision farming
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    Manage your farm from anywhere
  • (3)
    Identify problem areas efficiently
  • (4)
    Know the root cause of the problem and what actions should be taken
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    Minimize losses due to human factor
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    Eliminate farm to farm and season to season variations
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    Maximize crop yield and optimize resources costs through precision farming

our products


Real-time irrigation and soil monitoring service

  • Discover soil and irrigation problems sooner
  • Save fertilizers cost
  • Enable optimal irrigation
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Remote farm, crop, and weather monitoring service

  • Daily visual inspection
  • Crop health analysis
  • Detect pests and locate stressed zones sooner
  • Take data-driven actions to improve crop health
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• Soil, weather, pests, irrigation, fertilization, and management practices are key factors to your crop health and yield profitability. Understand their effects and know how to precisely manage your farm with us. (8)
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Conefia is a company that provides smart farming solutions to help in digital farm management, crop yield maximization, and resources optimization. by offering remote sensing, soil real-time data, and consultation services

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